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Robin Dunn
For those who havn't noticed yet, Dirk Holtwic's syntax-highlighting editor
classes are included in the last night's Interim Build at

When I tried to run it today on wxGTK I found it had an endless event loop
somewhere between UpdateView(), OnScroll() and OnPaint().  I think I've fixed
it and have attached the new sources so you don't have to download the
interim build or the full sources again.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is still somewhat experimental code.  It needs an overhall
in the drawing and update code, and there is occasionally a mysteriously
disappearing line...

As I've mentioned before, I am working on a StyledTextEditor that will likely
render this editor obsolete...  But this one is at least somewhat functional
now while the other is still vapor.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
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http://AllDunn.com/wxPython/  Check it out!

editor.zip (11K) Download Attachment