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[wxPython] logger.py - real time log file viewer/annotator

Ken Seehof-2
Here's another contribution (perhaps for the wxPython demo).


logger.py polls a text file for changes.  Any external changes to the
file immediately updates the edit window.  Any changes you make in the
editor are immediately written to the file.  This utility is designed
for real-time viewing and annotation of log files.

It could also be abused as a simple multi-user chat window (through a
shared file).

Bug: This is not totally robust (it's fine for what I'm using it for).
If logger writes at exactly the same time as an external program, the
external program will fail to open the file.  If this is a problem,
don't use the annotation feature :-)

If you happen to fix this, please send me the patch.  The fix would
involve both sides retrying write operations when the open fails.

- Ken Seehof

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