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Harm van der Heijden
Hello all,

Recently Robin and I redecorated the wxPython CVS space. If you've compiled
wxPython before you're probably familiar with the main living room in
wxPython/src, but now there're additional rooms in wxPython/modules. "utils"
and "glcanvas" have moved there, and there are two new tenants; "html" and
"lseditor". There's also a baby room called 'stubs', to facilitate new
wxPython offspring. Early reports indicate that wxOGL might soon join the
family. (Okay, this house metaphor is getting too silly :-)

Everything in a module subdir is compiled into a separate dll, both to prevent
bloating of the core wxPython module and for ease of distribution.

Originally, I'd planned to make binary html and lseditor modules available
for download as updates to wxPython b2 packages, but I ran into some trouble
because of a few nasty wxHtml bugs in the wxwin library that was shipped
with b2 and some win32 compiler issues.

At the moment, I'm not in a position where I desperately need a html or
editor widget for my own stuff. Therefore, since the initial creation of the
modules, progress has been slow. That's why at this point I would like to
draw attention to what's already there and see if there are people
interested in
i) specific features not implemented yet
ii) working on it to implement those features

I've revamped my wxpython page at http://etpmod.phys.tue.nl/harm/wxpython.html
If you're looking for source code, you need to use the wxWindows cvs. (I
considered putting a source package on my page, but you'll need a current
wxWindows cvs to compile wxPython anyway). Before you begin compiling, be
sure to read the documentation string in Robin's excellent new
distrib/build.py script. If you have problems compiling it, drop me a line.

For those who don't want to go that far, I put the html and editor test
scripts on my page, so you can see what's already there.

Summary of the features:
- basic wxHtmlWindow (wxScrolledWindow that displays HTML)
- python tag handler so you can put <python class=.. ...> tags in your html
to put wxPython widgets on the page

- basic editor plugin. Needs some work on stability
- features syntax hightlighting (needs work on flexibility), text searching
and unlimited undo/redo.

The lseditor c++ code is covered by the Gnu Public License, and therefore
might not be included in the standard wxPython distro, but made avaiable as
a separate download instead. The hml module, however, will most likely be a
standard module.

Hope to hear from you,


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