[wxPython] event handling for wxTextCtrl vs wxGrid

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[wxPython] event handling for wxTextCtrl vs wxGrid

Gary Bankston
but wxGrid only has EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGE
How do I detect when the user has completed input to a cell in wxGrid?
Instead of processing each character I'd rather just process the
complete entry when TAB or ENTER is pressed.

I must admit that event handling in wxPython is a bit of a mystery to me
so far. The help seems fragmented or like there is a piece missing (or
is it my brain thats missing the pieces)?

At any rate, I think I just need to see more examples. The demo helped
but I can't figure how (or where) to figure out what attributes other
than m_row and m_col the event object that gets pasted to the
EVT_GRID_CELL_CHANGE handler has. It doesn't seem to have the m_keyCode
or keyCode attributes that a wxKeyEvent has. So I can't even figure out
how to find out how to find out what character is entered. I've even
tried reading some of the source code like window2.py and that didn't
seem to help much.

Are there any more examples/explanations of event handling in wxPython
any where?

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