wxPython & Pybind11 - How do I cast from py::object to wxFrame

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wxPython & Pybind11 - How do I cast from py::object to wxFrame

Bazza Hill
I am trying to learn how to use pybind11 with wxPython.

As an exercise  I am trying to get a python routine set the top level window by calling this C++ function set up using pybind11.

    // `m` is a `py::module` which is used to bind functions and classes
    m.def("SetTopLevelWindow",[](py::object p)
        wxGetApp().SetTopWindow(p.cast<wxTopLevelWindow *>());

The C++ routine fails with a casting error when called from this python fragment (wxApp has been initialised)

f = wx.Frame(None,wx.ID_ANY,"Test")

The py::object identifies its type as wxFrame. I must be missing a step or two to get the wxFrame pointer from the py::object. Assuming it is possible.



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