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Robin Dunn
> Probably a stupid question: Do you know how I get rid of the ridiculous
> black dos-box in the background when I start Python or wxPython in NT?

Run it with pythonw.exe instead of python.exe.  Also, you can change the
extension of the initial Python file (demo.py) to .pyw (demo.pyw) to get
this association automatically.

> By the way, the Windows shortcut for the wxPython demo referring to
> "C:\Program Files\Python\wxPython\demo\demo.py" gets garbled during
> installation, and becomes "C:\Progra~1\Python\wxPython\demo\demo.py". On
> Windows NT -- which does not have a double filename structure like win9x,
> the system fails to find the demo.py file.

This is one of the reasons I hate "c:\Program Files" and why I always
install things elsewhere if given the opportunity.

> Another small question. How do I find out which are all the events,
> supported by a control?

In general you can just go up the class heiarchy and take note of the events
handled by the parent classes.  The way the event processing works is that
each class and all its bases have an event table.  When the event happens
the ProcessEvent() method searches all these tables for a match, starting at
the derived class and going up its bases.  For events derived from
wxCommandEvent, it doesn't stop there but also searches up the containment
heiarchy (parent window, grandparent window, etc.) as well.  wxPython adds a
slight wrinkle in that events are associated with the object rather than the
class, but the gist is the same.

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