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[wxPython] Python Builder IDE Progress

Cliff Baeseman

Hi All,

   Just checked in a copy of the lates Python Builder Source. The forms editor
is semi working and 2 components are available on the component pallet. The
forms editor now has the capability of moving controls around by clicking the
outer control border then cliking the place on the form you wish it to be

A webpage is located at http://www.pcpros.net/~vbman/ some screen shots are
available also. There is also links to the dev list as well as links to the CVS
and a zip source distro for those who cannot cvs.

The web page is pretty basic at this point since I do not have the time to do
much with it. I am still a one man show at this point but actively seeking
a devoted developer or two.

   I am still impressed with your port, I have had no trouble at all so far and
I have some pretty brutal GUI code running now. I still have not had to worry
about speed,  the GUI is very responsive.

Cliff Baeseman
Python Builder

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