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[wxPython] Messing with the GUI

David Priest
Gordon, it sounds like you want to really muck about with the appearance of
the users' GUI.

You might consider that this typically has a serious negative effect on the
useability of your applications.  As poor as some of our GUIs are, they are
at least extremely consistent in day-to-day use.

I've got my system colours set up in a way that *I* really like.  Why would
you want to over-rule my preferences and foist MEDIUM ORCHID-on-BLUE on
me?  What if I were colour-blind?  Your colour scheme might be un-useable.

The idea you have that a button should remain down when I click on it and
then move off it is fundamentally *bizarre* behaviour, in my books.  It's
simply not the way I expect a GUI to behave, not a way I want a GUI to
behave and definitely not the way my GUI does behave.

I suggest you get a couple of Human Interface Guidelines books (Apple
has/had an extremely good one; Microsoft also publishes a decent one) and
learn why things are the way they are, and how they're supposed to be.

And then focus on making your application compliant to the general
interface specs, which will increase the useability of your application and
allow you to focus instead on increasing its functionality.  Certainly a
better use of your time than inventing these 'problems' you have, IMHO.

At 09:12 AM 99-12-07 -0800, you wrote:
>From: "Gordon Williams" <[hidden email]>
>Subject: [wxPython] Button border and colour
>I am having some problems with buttons.  I cant change the style of the
>border and the colour of the button.

PS.  I'd like everyone to notice that *YOU CAN SELECT THE TEXT YOU REPLY
TO*.  There is no need to repeat the entire damn message when you
reply.  As much as I love this list and the incredible amount of selfless
help that is shared, it aggravates me daily to download such huge, wasteful

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