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[wxPython] IDE SIG - Please sign my petition :)

Ken Seehof-2
If you are involved in IDE development, or anything listed below, or you
want to keep up on the latest developments, you might be interested in
an IDE sig.

If so, please send me an email (it is not necessary to send to this
list).  When I get enough, I will forward the petition (stack of emails)
to Senator Greg Stein in charge of meta-sig.

--- Send your reply to: [hidden email]

Optionally, you can give a brief description of why we need an ide-sig.
I will notify you when and if the ide-sig gets created.

IDE development includes the following:

- What we usually think of:
    - IDLE
    - PythonWin
    - Boa Constructor
- Unusual IDE variants
    - Neural Integrator
- Any embedded scripting project, if you want nice interface for script
- Any component that could be useful to IDE developers:
    - Source code editors
    - Interactive interpreters
    - Parsers
    - Code generators
    - Source code control
    - Project management
    - Browsers
    - Debuggers

IDE-sig objectives:

- Code re-use and interoperability between IDE systems
- Promotion of new IDE systems
- General forum for development of IDE components

Ken Seehof

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