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[wxPython] HTML link problem and MDI menu

Thank to Robin for all the interum releases.  I've come across another change
in your wxHTML which is either broken or not complete.

The new link code doesn't seem to be connected.  Check out the demo with the
last release.

   def OnLinkClicked(self, linkinfo):
        self.log.WriteText('OnLinkClicked: %s\n' % linkinfo.GetHref())

I've also been meaning to ask how to control the "Window" menu that is
automatically created with an MDI ParentFrame.  The menus to arrange the
windows aren't not too useful at the moment since I don't believe anything is
activated, and not always going to be useful under all cirumstances.  I've
tried various MDI window styles and settings, but they don't disable it.  Any

Lorne White

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