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[wxPython] Good news! Keyword args!

Robin Dunn
There is a new update to SWIG that allows the use of keyword arguments to
swigged functions and methods.  This will allow you to be much more flexible
(and more Pythonish) in how you use wxPython.  For example, when you want to
set a style flag but use defaults for everything else, you won't have to do
this anymore:

    win = wxWindow(parent, -1, wxDefaultSize, wxDefaultPosition,

but this instead:

    win = wxWindow(parent, style=wxSIMPLE_BORDER)

Utilizing this feature in SWIG will take some tweaks to the current wxPython
*.i files to change how I am using some of the typemaps.  As soon as I
finish a medium-sized for-pay project this will be my first focus for the
next release.

Robin Dunn
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