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[wxPython] FileBrowseButton enhancements...

Mike  Fletcher
Following 3 methods provide some convenience for working with

    def Enable (self, value):
        ''' Convenient enabling/disabling of entire control '''
        self.label.Enable (value)
        self.textControl.Enable (value)
        return self.browseButton.Enable (value)
    def GetLabel( self ):
        ''' Retrieve the label's current text '''
        return self.label.GetLabel()
    def SetLabel( self, value ):
        ''' Set the label's current text '''
        return self.label.SetLabel( value )

Of the 3, Enable is the most useful, with the label-modifiers needing some
work to make them cause a resize in the boxsizers.  Mostly these methods are
just to make encapsulation a little more complete.

 Mike C. Fletcher
 Designer, VR Plumber

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