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Cavanaugh, Craig
I took a closer look at wxpTag.py.  It would be easy to change it so that a
list of references is updated when a new object is created.  What I don't
know is what the order of the objects will be, and will it be predictable,
and is there a better way yet.


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> From: Cavanaugh, Craig
> Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 11:06 AM
> To: wxPython List (E-mail)
> Subject: Advanced use of wxHtmlWindow
> Well, after a lot of frustration with layout controls I've decided to use
> a wxHtmlWindow to place the GUI elements in a wxPanel.  There seems to be
> some benefits to doing this such as support for themes inside the
> application, support for different languages, and it makes it easy to
> include nice graphics and formatting.  There are also alot of HTML editors
> that make page design easy.
> I'm running into a problem though.  It's easy enough to create the objects
> inside a wxHtmlWindow and respond to events, but how do you get a
> reference to them after the wxHtmlWindow creates them?
> I've thought about creating a class that inherits the desired control and
> then just references the control that has been created before the
> wxHtmlWindow, but I'm not sure how to get and pass a text based reference
> or even it it's a safe thing to do.  I've also considered enhancing or
> making a new version of wxpTag.py that provides the necessary
> functionality.
> Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers before I attempt to do this?
> Or, has this been done already?
> Thanks,
> Craig

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