[wxPython] Bug in interim release 20000102

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[wxPython] Bug in interim release 20000102

Cristian Echeverria
Working on Win95, Python 1.5.2 and wxPython 2.1.11-20000102

When I start win95, run demo.py and go to the Help menu
and click on About, I get a windows error and the app crash.
Then the windows resources fall to less than 14+ACU-.
If I execute demo.py again Help-About work very well but
the windows resources are still very very low.

This happend every time I restart windows and execute Help-About.
I thik the problem is on wxHtmlWindow, but I don+ALQ-t understand why
this fail only the firt time.

I don+ALQ-t know if this is a problem with my particular configuration,
but the official release work very well.

Has Anyone a similar behavior??

Cristian Echeverria

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