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[wxPython] Advanced use of wxHtmlWindow

Cavanaugh, Craig
Well, after a lot of frustration with layout controls I've decided to use a
wxHtmlWindow to place the GUI elements in a wxPanel.  There seems to be some
benefits to doing this such as support for themes inside the application,
support for different languages, and it makes it easy to include nice
graphics and formatting.  There are also alot of HTML editors that make page
design easy.

I'm running into a problem though.  It's easy enough to create the objects
inside a wxHtmlWindow and respond to events, but how do you get a reference
to them after the wxHtmlWindow creates them?

I've thought about creating a class that inherits the desired control and
then just references the control that has been created before the
wxHtmlWindow, but I'm not sure how to get and pass a text based reference or
even it it's a safe thing to do.  I've also considered enhancing or making a
new version of wxpTag.py that provides the necessary functionality.

Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers before I attempt to do this?
Or, has this been done already?


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