[wxPython] ANN: a PIDDLE Device Context for wxPython

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[wxPython] ANN: a PIDDLE Device Context for wxPython

Jeffrey Kunce
PiddleWxDc is a wrapper class which adds the Piddle* 2D Drawing API to
any wxPython** device context (wxDC and relatives).

While piddleWX.py*** by Paul & Kevin Jacobs does a good job at implementing the
Piddle specifications, it is primarily a stand-alone display application for Piddle
graphics. I wanted a more general solution, which I could use to draw Piddle-based
graphics anywhere in a wxPython application. I basically repackaged the Jacobs' piddleWX.py
code into a wrapper class for instances of wxDC (and it's relatives). That way, I can
add Piddle functionality to any DC in my wxPython programs. I'm hoping that Paul
and Kevin will incorporate my ideas into their project. Until then, I'll make it available
on my starship pages.

Like piddleWX, PiddleWxDc does not support rotated text. It does support drawImage().
Only tested on NT. Use at your own risk.

look under:


*Piddle: http://www.strout.net/python/piddle/intro.html
**wxPython: http://www.alldunn.com/wxPython/
***piddleWX: http://darwin.cwru.edu/~pjacobs/

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