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[wxPython] 2.1.5 is available

Robin Dunn
Hi all,

Since there were some nasties that escaped detection when 2.1.4 was
released, I have made a 2.1.5 release.  This will probably be of most
interest to Win32 users as the imagemap GPF thing and the MDI error have
been fixed.  (Notice I'm having a tough time saying the b word?  <grin>)

For wxGTK users I made a snapshot of my workspace again, just to be
complete.  However unless you are having troubles you probably don't need to
move to 2.1.5 since there are only minor differences in wxPython, but some
new and somewhat untested code in wxGTK.

The 2.1.10 version of wxMSW and wxGTK are scheduled to be released in 2 or 3
weeks.  I'll be making a release of wxPython at the same time so that should
make things easier for you folks using GTK.

Once again, if you want to stay with the release of wxPython that is
syncronized with wxGTK 2.1.0-9 then you want version 2.1b3, which can be
found in http://alldunn.com/wxPython/dist/.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
[hidden email]
http://AllDunn.com/wxPython/  Check it out!

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