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[wxPython] 2.1.13 changes?

Gregory Landrum

[2.1.13 on NT]

Hi all,

I finally got around to installing version 2.1.13 today and after
about 3 minutes of playing I discovered a couple of things which have
changed in unexpected ways:

-in the PyShell widget[1] entering commands now causes the output window
 to scroll to the *top* after every command.
-The order of the wildcard optional arguments to wxFileDialog has apparently
 been reversed.  It used to be that: 'Tpl List Files|*.list|All Files|*.*'
 would show first the *.list files, then *.*.  Now it is *.* followed by

That's it for now,

[1] Hey Robin, am I correct in assuming that you rejected my patch
to the old version of this to save a command line history?
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