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wx.py.shell auto indentation?

The shell auto indents on enter key press. This is probably correct for code entered at the prompt.

But, on calling runfile('something.py)  the text is again automatically indented. The code is thus mangled by every line, regardless of the initial correct indentation, being indented twice. The net result is that the N th. line of code gets N indents. Consider what 50 lines looks like. :-o

This makes for difficult, if not impossible. copy and paste. Certainly the code is then very difficult to read. Most annoyingly bank lines in the file cause indentation errors which can be excruciatingly difficult to  find. (see the attached screen shot)

Is there a method to kill the auto indentation? Either temporarily or permanently?

If not can someone give please me a clue where look to hack the code.

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