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wx GUI builders versus Monkey Studio PyQt IDE


Monkey clearly is 10 times better in py GUI designing + building than
ANYTHING for wx, even than Boa Constructor in its heyday.

But the debugger is missing.

The Boa debugger together with wx Widget Inspector offers quite a
debugger package for py.

So its quite poss to mix the two, but then there is no proper wx GUI
designer out there like Monkey is one.

So if you're after RAD in py, Monkey is the way to go, while any old py
debugger will have to make do in conjunction.

Adapting the Boa GUI designer to Phoenix is doable, even for py3, but
who will do it when Monkey is out there for free ALREADY ?

On top of that, I found it kinda difficult to uninstall / reinstall the
various wx packages and keep a stable system.

wx has very, very strong competition in the py sector !

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