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Mac OS X build environment

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I started a wxPython project just over a year ago, and at the time, when setting up my Mac OS X "build environment" (*), I chose to use the Universal Binary build of Python 2.7.3 from Python.Org, and I found a corresponding build of wxPython (wxPython2.8-osx-unicode-, which worked well with it.

(*) When I say "build environment", I mean an environment where I can install Python modules from source, and I can build a frozen Python application with PyInstaller or Py2App.

I ran into a slight complication when I was trying to install Python modules which required compiling C code.  The Python binary I had downloaded was built with gcc 4.0, but my Xcode developer tools had provided gcc 4.2, so I had to jump through a few hoops to install an old version of the Xcode developer tools to get an appropriate version of gcc (4.0) for building Python modules from source.

Now I'm getting other developers to help with the Mac builds of the application, and they have asked whether it would be better to use the official version of gcc in the latest Xcode Developer tools and build Python and wxPython from source.  Installing the old version of Xcode (with gcc 4.0) has been particularly painful recently, because it can cause a kernel panic in OS X 10.8 (

I haven't tested the latest Python 2.7.x binary from Python.Org to see if it's still built with gcc 4.0.

Are there any recommendations from other wxPython developers using Mac OS X ?