Legacy versions of wxpython (and python, pyserial etc...)

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Legacy versions of wxpython (and python, pyserial etc...)

Rufus V. Smith
I have a Wiindows 2000 professional virtual machine on my Macbook that I'd like to set up python and wxpython
and pyinstaller on so I can create executables for legacy windows systems.

All my google-fu hasn't come up with a definitive list of the most recent versions that maintain
compatibility with win2k for those programs/libraries mentioned.  Basically I would like to support:

Python 2.7 (and possibly Python 3.x)
sockets (I don't think this is a problem)
pyinstaller (or py2exe if pyinstaller unavailable)

I think I have a version of python 2.7 that works, but it has been a lot of trial-and-error of different versions.  I
don't really want to go through that on all the packages.  Does anyone out there know of definitive lists
of version compatibility for any or all of the packages mentioned?



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