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Help on wxPython OGL.

Russel Dempagoua

I need the help On wxPython OGL. My goal is to add ogl shape on the canvas interactively after the click on the button.

But after i click on the button, the ogl shape doesn't add immediately. I have tried to use the methods self.Refresh or self.Update. without success.

Could you help me?

The important pieces of code are

self.Bind(event = wx.EVT_BUTTON, handler = self.add_wiget)

def add_wiget(self, event):
# print("Hello")
shape = ogl.CircleShape(diameter = 40)
shape.SetX(np.random.normal(loc = 80, scale = 25))
shape.SetY(np.random.normal(loc = 25, scale = 12))
# self.canvas.Refresh()
# shape.Show(show = True)
self.diagram.ShowAll(show =False)



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