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Robin Dunn
This message went to the wrong address, and since Chris answered the question
pretty much the way I would I decided to just forward it...

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Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 10:30 PM
Subject: RE: [wxPython] help on grid - spreadsheet ap

> The wxWindows user guide that comes with wxPython has very extensive
> documentation on the wxGrid class. It's in C++, but the function names,
> parameter and return values are pretty much the same.
> But a word of warning, the wxGrid is not very good grid.  It's
> implementation seems to vary by platform and it's events fire
> inconsistently.  I've been using the grid extensively lately and I'm

> it difficult to write code that functions the same on multiple OSs.
> However, I have been told they working on a new grid that will be replacing
> the current grid.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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> Subject: [wxPython] help on grid - spreadsheet ap
> I'm new to wx, and sort of new to python.  I've been doing research and it
> would seem that only wxPython has a useable spreadsheet widget.  So I've
> read the tutorial on
> http://alldunn.com/wxPython/tut-intro.html
> and got "hello world" to work fine, but I'm stuck.
> I've also tried demo.py, but the "sample" code there doesn't run
> stand-alone.
> There would seem to be a simple test grid app at:
> http://alldunn.com/wxPython/wxpshots.html
> But there's no source.
> So, can someone get me on the right track here?  Are there more
> tutorials?
> I can tell that wxPython would like to overtake tkinter, but without the
> documentation, there is no chance.
> -Jeff
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