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Fedora packages for Phoenix in Copr

Scott Talbert
Hi all,

I have created Fedora packages for Phoenix (snapshots) and have made them
available in Copr for anyone who is interested in trying them.

A couple of notes on them:
1) They are co-installable with the wxPython Classic packages in the main
Fedora repository.  For the Python 3 package, I have installed them to the
normal location, since there isn't a Python 3 version of Classic.  For
Python 2, the files get installed to an alternate location so that Classic
is still the default version.  If you would like to use the Python 2
version, you'll have to change your PYTHONPATH to include (for the current
version of the package):

2) They are built against the Fedora wxWidgets package, and thus do not
contain an embedded copy of the wxWidgets libraries.

To use the packages, this is how to install them:
sudo dnf copr enable swt2c/wxPython-Phoenix
sudo dnf install python2-wx-phoenix-gtk3
sudo dnf install python3-wx-phoenix-gtk3

I'll try to keep them updated as Robin releases new snapshots.

Feedback welcome.