Drawn SubBitmap loses alpha channel

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Drawn SubBitmap loses alpha channel


I'm writing a tool that takes an image, cuts it in multiple pieces and then builds a new image out of those pieces.

For such I'm using `wxGetSubBitmap` to create the pieces, it works fine when the image has no alpha, but the moment it contains alpha whenever I call `wxDrawBitmap( subbitmap )` alpha is lost.

Attached is a small and dirty code with a sample image that demonstrates the behaviour. It generates 3 images, one is the entire image as loaded and drawn on a `wxGCDC`, the second is the `wxGetSubBitmap` and the last is the same sub-bitmap drawn on a `wxGCDC`.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I need to do something.

Any help or hint is appreciable,


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