Does wxFormBuider 3.6.2 support wx.lib.calendar?

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Does wxFormBuider 3.6.2 support wx.lib.calendar?

 Hi everyone,
        My environment : wxpython 4.0.1+ wxFromBuilder 3.5.1

       I want to use wx.calendar from wxFormBuilder .when i run my codes ,an error occurs:

       no module named calendar

       I search solutions in the internet. and i found that Wx.calendar corresponds to wxpython version and Wx.lib.calendar corresponds to wxpython version 4.0.1. But WxFormBuilder 3.5.1 supply             Wx.calendar. So , i want to konw does wxFormBuider 3.6.2 support wx.lib.calendar? or any other solutions?

       If you konw ,as soon as possible tell me.




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